AI Construction & Building (Safety) Management System


AI Construction & Building (Safety) Management System is designed and developed by our local team, aiming to provide innovative technology to professionals in the construction industry, promoting productivity, improving construction quality, and enhancing site safety. The system integrates AI technology and features into a comprehensive digital platform, supporting the core requirements of DWSS, including RFI/ RISC forms, Site Diary, Safety, Cleansing, and Labor Return.

Other features and capabilities include:

1.Employee Attendance Management: Employees use mobile apps for attendance clock-ins, making it easier for management to track employee attendance and improve workforce management efficiency.

2.Integration with Insta360 Camera: Utilizing Insta360 cameras on construction sites and projects provides a panoramic view, capturing site progress, safety inspections, and design visualization, enhancing efficiency and communication.

3.Support for integration of ArroCAM Platform: Leveraging AI and deep learning, the system enables visual analytics and monitoring through predefined or customized models, including firework detection, confined space entry detection, and high-altitude transportation detection.

4.Automation and Optimization: The system utilizes AI technology to automate and optimize business processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

5.Data Collection and Integration: The system can collect and integrate large amounts of data from multiple sources, including structured and unstructured data.

6.Visualization and Reporting: The system offers intuitive visualization interfaces and reporting capabilities to present data analysis and model results, assisting users in decision-making and insights.

7.Third-Party Platform Integration: Visual computing data and alert information can be transmitted to third-party platforms through APIs.

8.Security and Privacy Protection: The system prioritizes data security and privacy protection, providing appropriate security measures and compliance features.

With the aforementioned features and capabilities, AI Construction & Building (Safety) Management System helps organizations effectively manage and apply AI technology, enabling data-driven decision-making and business optimization.

AI Construction & Building (Safety) Management System