Portable Surveillance

Deployment Poles & Carts

The system is an advanced, eco-efficient solution for security and monitoring, marked by its sustainable technology and durable design.High-efficiency solar panels and significant battery storage ensure uninterrupted service, while the sophisticated communication infrastructure provides reliable and agile service. Tamper alarms and health monitoring functions reflect a strong commitment to security and system integrity. Incorporating a high-availability virtual machine for data storage and a web interface for regulatory oversight, the system meets the exacting requirements of contemporary environmental surveillance for smooth, efficient operations.

Key-feature highlights:

  • Advanced High-Efficiency Solar Panels for maximum energy conversion efficiency, ensuring a sustainable and reliable power supply.
  • 150 - 200 AH High-Capacity Lithium Battery provides a robust power reserve for consistent, uninterrupted system functionality.
  • Industrial-Grade 5G Router complete with firewall watchdog technology, assures system reliability and continuous network connectivity.
  • Tamper Detection alarm system is meticulously integrated into the system's framework during deployment, providing immediate alerts on any security breaches.
  • Advanced Monitoring Capabilities: The system features sophisticated health and power monitoring tools for efficient and effective maintenance processes.
  • Secure Data Storage: A Virtual Machine (VM) with High Availability (HA) is set up for reliable data storage, bolstered by RAID technology for the prevention of data redundancy and loss prevention.
  • Regulatory Oversight Interface: A web interface tailored for our customers facilitates oversight and management, ensuring adherence to environmental standards.
  • Continuous Operational Support: A dedicated 24-hour hotline manned by experienced staff ensures swift responses to operational issues, contributing to the system’s reliability.

Implementation Process:

Our services are meticulously tailored and highly customisable to match the unique requirements of each customer. As part of our commitment to our clients, we take the time to understand and adapt to their specific needs, resulting in personalised solutions with optimal results. Customisation is an integral part of our commitment to customer service and our pursuit of excellence in catering to our clients' diverse needs and preferences.